cobwebfairy (cobwebfairy) wrote in walmartsucks,

It's payday. And Wal-Mart owes me money.

Yet another rant from the Cobweb Fairy...

I realized that my paycheck seemed to be over $100.00 short. The two personal days that I had taken didn't process through due to personnel not typing it in on the computer or a manager not signing the papers. Either way it wasn't my fault, yet I was denied to get 100% of what they owe me. I had two choices: I could get the full amount of what was due on my next paycheck (which is two weeks from now) or I could get 60% of it now and receive the rest on the next paycheck. It was their fault and they owe me the funds -- yet I'm the one that has to deal with the whole issue. What kind of crap is that?

C. Fairy

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