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I hate my job!!!

Okay so i have worked at wal-mart since the middle of August.  It was okay for about the first week or so, everyone being nice to the new guy and what not.  Once that is over you find out how everyone really is.  I started out in the Men's Department, which in my opinion is the hardest department to work in the whole store, especially if you are expected to zone it by yourself!  I decided that i wanted to get out of apparel asap not only because of the department but also because of the people in apparel.  It was basically me and a bunch of old women. lol  i do not see how they can get any work done since all they do is stand around the fitting room and talk all day.  There is so much drama there it reminds me of highschool!  So anyway as of January i finally got out of apparel and i am now in Housewares, and Domestics which i like a lot better, but you still have to deal with the drama.   A couple weeks ago i was looking at my pay stub and realized that i had no sick leave on it at all, which i thought was odd cause i have been working full time since i started.  So i go to ask a manager and they tell me that i am in the computer as part time!  i applied for a full time position and was hired as full time or so i was told, so i fill out a paper and have the store manager sign it and it all gets taken care of, and then i look at my most recent pay stub and see that i have only an hour of sick time.  So i asked a friend who has worked there about the same amount of time as me if she had any, and oh yeah she has like 20 hours, so now what i am wondering is where did all mine go, i mean i know i was in the computer as part time but trust me i have been gotting 40 plus hours in since i started so why is it not on there?  I guess that wal mart thinks that it is supposed to just start from when they decided to get around to putting it into the computer?  And then now i am wondering how this is going to affect the weeks vacation i am supposed to get after working there for a year??? Does that start from when they decided to fix their mistake too?? Oh no it does not i will be talking to personel and it will be changed or i will be looking for new job which is what i should have been doing for a long time now.  The ONLY reason i ahve stayed there this long is because i was trying to get to a year so that i could have that vacation but if i dont even get that now that will really piss me off!  Ugh.....i hate wal-mart!!!
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