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hired protection

Is there protection on people who were recently hired in Sam's Club?
For example, is there 90 days of protection?
Does state law provide something?

I don't mind earning less money if working days. I know I've been working two weeks, but should I ask to switch jobs? If given the chance, should I do it as soon as possible? Should I wait a few more weeks? Should I talk to a day manager if I can get a job in days instead of talking to my overnight manager?

I have been working overnights there about two weeks, and each shift I'm told I'm not working well enough. I've talked to the manager and asked if I could possibly change to days if she thinks I'm not suited for overnights. she said I could possibly do something in days.I'm trying and learning new things each day. I worked faster this week, but I was given some new skill; I did better than what I had done last week in terms of time and making things look nice. I'm getting better, but my coworkers don't think I'm good enough. But it seems like working certain areas is difficult compared to a lot of other aisles. My co-workers said my aisle is the hardest, though. I somewhat feel like I'm being setup for failure and to be fired or laid off at a later time. In the mean time, I'm getting the idea that they are making me do the hard work. A previous manager told me before going into overnights one thing: Don't let them push you around.

Today, my co-worker said that the supervisors and managers think I've been acting rebellious and insubordinate about things. Supposedly, she said, that I'm out of line to ask why things are done the way they are. At no time, do I really remember saying the manager was wrong. I do remember asking why things weren't done one way versus another. And if that's insubordination, that's new to me. I think I've been acting considerate. I think there is a misunderstanding in communication or a misunderstanding of emotions.

Anyway, I do need a job, since I won't have a place to live or food to eat come January 1st, 2009. So it's either find a way to keep a job versus sleep in the homeless shelter. Or I could go down south to keep warm. I think if they're going lay me off, then I need to look for another job. I've known places around my area to lay off people after Christmas, even if they aren't working seasonal.

to reiterate:

Should I ask to switch jobs? If given the chance, should I do it as soon as possible? Should I wait a few more weeks? Should I talk to a day manager if I can get a job in days instead of talking to my overnight manager?

I know the people I'm with don't quite like me. But I'm trying to be a good person and stick around until a few more guys are working in the area I am in. Because if I'm not there, then that would mean the most recent new guy would be rushing everything and feel screwed. I'm not going to do that to him. I had that happen to me too many times in life. So, that's why I'm sticking around. At the same time, I need a job. Also, I don't want the co-workers to feel like they are wasting time training me. My parents will be retired and unable to support me. I don't have any friends or family to help support me. And yeah, I am trying harder each time I come in there.
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Some states are at-will work states, where you cannot be protected from being fired without due cause. There's often a probationary period (in some cases 90 days) where your work performance is especially scrutinized to minimize impact on the company's productivity. They can only try so much before cutting their losses.

It sounds like this is your first job. With hope you'll pick up on things before you quit or are let go. It's doing a job well and with ease that impresses upon coworkers and superiors. If you look happy and can make others smile while still doing your job, you will have priority over others come promotion time, whenever that may be. If it looks like you're struggling, you open yourself to ... whatever happens to the vulnerable where you work. I suggest you pick your questions carefully so as to not rock the boat where you work. It isn't a schoolroom. Bucking the system is not wise when you're a newcomer to the system. Building rapport with your work-people will make or break your job. It can make you actually like a job that pays under $X per hour, and it can make you quit an x-figure salary because you hate your boss/coworkers/subordinates. It's tough to re-establish an ethos once you've made a first impression, but there you have it.

Anyway, yes, Walmart does suck but it suuuuure is cheap. I was just browsing walmart-sucks sites and ran across your blog. Thought you might benefit from advice. It's not common but it could happen. Good luck and be cool.
Walmart doesn't care if the Elderly or Disabled can shop. - Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico On the afternoon of June 18th,2009 Karina Cervantes and Francisco Barcenas (her husband) were taking pictures of products in the Ajijic Walmart(Jalisco, Mexico) store and jotting down prices. Karina Cervantes Magaña runs a shopping service for elderly and disabled retirees; of which about 85% are Americans. She occasionally has to update her catalog(w/ pictures) of products her elderly and/or disabled clients wish to purchase. They can barely speak Spanish, let alone read or pronounce it. They practically only recognize what they need from the store by sight. Her husband was approached by two women (one young and one middle-aged), whom sternly told him taking pictures in the store was not allowed. So he stopped taking pictures. The older one, quick returned and told me that he needed to erase the memory of his camera; which he refused (he had more than just product pictures). Things escalated from there. He was surrounded by security guards with radios blaring and a-buzz with chatter and escorted to what he believes to be an assistant manager(Jaqueline Ramirez,very polite she was) at the front of the store. He explained the situation to her; for which she sympathized. However, she was unable to grant him the ability to photograph products. She told him he needed to come back tomorrow to speak with the store manager(as he is not in after 4pm; kinda strange). He also happens to work for the Guadalajara Reporter newspaper ( as well as several blogs and thought this might be an interesting topic for his next article. He called the Walmart media line in the afternoon and was cheerfully greeted by the attendant in the media dept and explained the incident. She was only able to take his contact information. He wanted to give the organization an opportunity to issue an official response to the incident or correct it; before he decided if he'd like to run with the story. The following day he visited the office and spoke to store manager Enrique Sanchez. He said it would not be allowed under any circumstances and said he was going to call the paper and speak with editor to squelch the story and threaten to refuse to distribute the newspaper. It is still unclear if Walmart succeeded to squelch the story from being printed in the Guadalajara Reporter. I find this behavior obscenely manipulative on behalf of Walmart and just makes it appear more of a bully than anything else. Definitely not that "good neighbor" image they like to promote, and basically says,"Walmart doesn't care if elderly and disabled people can shop at our store."
You have to be in one position in the store for 6 months before you can transfer to another position. (like overnight to days, or one dept to another if you work days) Personally I'd try to find another job all while trying to get them to switch you to days or at least to an easier dept since overnight isn't specificially zoned to depts.

As for the taking pictures, no that really shouldn't be allowed since it can lead to fraud. Sorry but too many crooks out there use taking pictures as a way to end up stealing so what your friends did was wrong and they should have bowed out gracefully if they really didn't have illegal intent.