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Still sucks

Yes, Walmart still indeed sucks.  Hence i am posting here once again. Having been in grade 12 for like 5 weeks, I know that it's a lot of work. It is also extremely important, because I want to get into university, and I need good marks. So, I know that i can't work 4:30-11 three nights a week. Firstly, that leaves no time for homework. And you know what? School will always be my number one priority, and walmart can just shove it. That being said, I simply cannot work those hours, yet walmart will not give me a definitave answer about whether or not they'll change them. They can't seem to understand that i need to do my homework...or that i have to wake up at 7:30 am for school...and as a cashier with those hours, i won't be leaving until like 11:30 or something...that's just too late. 

So far, the store hasn't opened, and it's just set up, so the hours are good, and i'm handling them okay. But the fact that i even have to put in an effort to handle it, means i'll never be able to handle 4:30-11, and i'm never ever ever willing to try. Even if it's opening day, I don't care. That doesn't make a difference for school. I'm okay with what i've got for the 6 weeks of setup, especially since there's pretty much no supervision, so it doesn't matter what you do, but of course, no one is there to tell you if you're doing it right (another issue i have). But once the store opens, with the hours they gave me, i know i just can't do it. What do i do? Quit?
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