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What a great company don't you think?

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i think the only people that think walmart is a great company are the ones that have never worked there or something.
it's true! i work there... believe me, i'm at the breaking point... wal-mart does not care!!! they only care about money.
i worked there for two years. two years too many. ugh. i'll never go back. sometimes i can barely even stand to shop there.
Well, they are doing what businesses do, and businesses do what it takes to keep every little bit of profit that they have. If you notice, over the years they have jacked with our bonuses too, finding new ways to make it look like we get more money and then the very next year deciding we get too much money and finding a way to take it back. Like that time they decided that they would give us an extra bonus for not having many store accidents. Then when they discovered we all didn't have that many store accidents they lowered the amount of accidents we could have and switched everything around.

I think people would be more accepting of it if Wal Mart didnt keep trying to portray itself as such a giving company. I mean, yeah, it gives to CMN and various other places. They are great when there's a natural disaster. But in this lady's case where there is an accident like that-they are less forgiving. When it comes to accidents they hate paying out money, which I guess is understandable because if people knew they did it all the time they'd purposefully get themselves hurt at WalMart just to get the dough. This is not at all like that, but you see what I mean.

Also, keep in mind she's an associate. Wal Mart treats its associates different than its regular customers. If she was just a customer she could have sued and gotten way more money out of a settlement. She went about it the honest way-that was her mistake.