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A Bad Example

So there we are, looking for a checkout with someone actually operating it. This is why I use those self checkouts.  However my parents are scared of self checkouts and I have to deal with that.  I don't have anything to purchase, however my mother and father do.  I watch and observe a Wal Mart employee going through the 20 items or less with a cart that exceeded 20 items, pile her crap onto the counter.  The checker being a co worker did not say a word about it, just checked her out.  The queue was getting deep behind us and the discussions were "How rude", "Doesn't she work here", "That's a bad example to customers" and that sort of thing.  The lady directly behind us said "I can't remember her name".  Well I have been in the lady's check out line before so I remembered it.  We will call her ML here.  I told the customer behind me what her name was.  She said that someone should report it to the manager but it would not be her.  I was not in the mood for managers tonight.  I just wanted to get out of Wal Mart.  I only went to carry bags for aging parents anyways.  Still it sort of gripes me that a Wal Mart employee did that, why was she too good to wait in the other queue like everyone else?    It just did not seem right.
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