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A Bad Example

So there we are, looking for a checkout with someone actually operating it. This is why I use those self checkouts.  However my parents are scared of self checkouts and I have to deal with that.  I don't have anything to purchase, however my mother and father do.  I watch and observe a Wal Mart employee going through the 20 items or less with a cart that exceeded 20 items, pile her crap onto the counter.  The checker being a co worker did not say a word about it, just checked her out.  The queue was getting deep behind us and the discussions were "How rude", "Doesn't she work here", "That's a bad example to customers" and that sort of thing.  The lady directly behind us said "I can't remember her name".  Well I have been in the lady's check out line before so I remembered it.  We will call her ML here.  I told the customer behind me what her name was.  She said that someone should report it to the manager but it would not be her.  I was not in the mood for managers tonight.  I just wanted to get out of Wal Mart.  I only went to carry bags for aging parents anyways.  Still it sort of gripes me that a Wal Mart employee did that, why was she too good to wait in the other queue like everyone else?    It just did not seem right.
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i'm not sure if they did this nationwide yet or not but i know that in all the stores in my area they posted a picture of the store manager on every register with a phone number you can call if you have a bad experience at the checkout. it goes straight to a cell phone that the store manager carries with them.
Now that is a great idea. I will have to tell mom to look for it being she was the one with the purchase.
that's a really silly reason to get upset. Either way, the managers won't care. they'll just talk to her about it and tell her not to do it again.
why don't they like self check outs? they are the greatest thing ever.
I don't know if it is the fear of machines or they like to have someone to talk to them. Your guess is as good as mine. I live for self check outs.
me too. it's so much easier than having to deal with people.
I don't like them because for me, it takes a longer time than having a person do it, usually. Sometimes the buttons on the touch screen won't register that I've touched the button, sometimes the item won't scan, it'll usually say "WAIT FOR ASSISTANCE" for about 5 minutes if I try to scan something too soon after scanning an item...

So it could be that they're just more trouble than they're worth for some people?

I'm reminded of that one commercial with the self-check out machine that read out the guy's purchases outloud, and kept reading one embarassing item over and over again because it was broken...
My old front end manager used to dread seeing me come to one of the self-checkouts. Once a friend and I came to one with a full cart. Old manager bagged as I was scanning at full speed. (She had to. I was one of the fastest scanners there.) Typing in the PLUs on the onscreen keypad instead of looking up the veggie included.
I guess it would have to depend on if you were in a regular speedy line or the speedy line for tobacco purchases (which you can through with unlimited items). I have worked at walmart for over 3 years now and at no time when on register was I told to boot a customer on any speedy line for too many items because we are not allowed to be rude to customers no matter how much they deserve it. As for it being an employee, well me personally, I will not go through a speedy line period because I work there so I know how long of a wait on any line will be so I leave the shorter ones for customers. But let make one important point..the situation is the same at ALL walmarts. Too many lines and not enough cashiers at any time..it's not a new concept so customers should not get too upset since it happens everytime they shop. Just like the employees customers are also stuck having to shop there because usually it's the largest closest retail store to where they live. If customers would stand up with employees and fight back maybe things could change.
I stood up some time back. I only shop there for pharmacy needs. Can't beet their prices on prescriptions and I learned key times to pick up where I don't wait. Other than that I just don't go there to shop. This time I was sort of the bag-girl for my parents.
The employee was being pretty crappy doing that BUT other customers go into a 20 or less late and expect you to take them because they don't want to wait for another line and blow up at the cashier that tells them they can't take them.
um...the employee isn't allowed to do anything about it. express checkouts rely entirely on the politeness of the customers.
wow you had to scroll back for months to find this one....I did not even remember wtf you were talking about.
I'm not a member of this community, so it's the second entry on the page.
Unfortunatly it is hard as a walmart employee to count every persons items to see if they have 20 items or less. Usually we just look and make a guess as to if they are close to that number or if they have way to many. If there arent a ton of people in line we are supposed to take whoever comes up, regardless of the number of items. And if ANYONE has only a few items over 20, they usually let them slide. I wasn't there so I don't know, but it is a typical thing.

Also, they are putting up those contact information for the manager, if someone id being a jerk like that use it.I know lots of people deserve it.