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Hi, I work in the pharmacy as a technician at a small Wal-Mart in Texas.

We have two main pharmacists and a few pharmacists that work at our store when one of the two main ones aren't available.

I get that the really big Super Walmart pharmacies may have to stop taking new scripts around 8:45pm in order to close by 9:00pm, but our pharmacy is just a dinky little store and we were actually really REALLY slow today.
It's just a pharmacist and a technician (usually me) after 7:00pm on any given day.
That being said.....
Thanks for losing us a customer dear pharmacist. I could have had her in and out before closing time but NOOOOOO, you had to jump in and tell her that we weren't taking anymore new scripts tonight.
She got mad cuz she'd called us earlier and asked what time we were closing and he'd told her 9:00pm. She made sure she got here before 9....... and he told her that we stop taking scripts at 8:45.
He wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise and they ended up yelling at she went to CVS instead.
Dammit, I hate working closing shift with this guy. He's the only one who pulls this crap.
But he's the ALL KNOWING pharmacist and I'm just the LOWLY technician......Clearly I don't know how MY store works.

I'm taking this up with the pharmacy manager on Monday.
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